Having the right number of restrooms at your event is an important component to keeping your guests happy.
Let us help you decide on the best option!

Portable Restrooms

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Master of Ceremonies is now renting portable toilets for special events in the Middle Tennessee area. We will be catering to events that need or require portable restrooms but don't want the same old dirty port-a-potty.  Our standard unit color will be grey.  We feel that grey does not stand out like the old bright blues and oranges that you see so much of. The grey blends in with the environment better and is less noticeable.  Nobody wants a bright neon port-a-potty out shining their $2500.00 flower arrangement. The oversized door handle makes it easy to open, even for the most delicate of users. You won't find any brightly colored decals or catchy potty phrases on the side of our units. Our basic unit comes with more standard features than most. Rental rate $100.00.

Aspen Standard Features:
  • Grey Color
  • Oversized Mirror
  • 65 Gallon Holding Tank
  • 2-Corner Shelves with Cup Holders
  • Coat Hooks
  • Three Rolls of Toilet Paper
  • Oversized Door Handle
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We carry the Aspen Elite portable restroom. The white color makes them great for weddings or special events.  Each unit has its own fresh water flushing toilet.  The flush system is operated by an enclosed foot pump offering a complete hands-free system. User is never exposed to any waste, as in a regular portable restroom.  Also included is a soap dispenser and a foot operated sink built right inside. Rental rate $175.00.

Aspen Elite Features:
  • White Color
  • Oversized Mirror
  • Clean Water Foot Flush
  • Includes Sink Inside Unit
  • 45 Gallon Holding Tank
  • 2 - Corner Shelves with Cup Holders
  • Coat Hooks
  • Three Rolls of Toilet Paper
  • Oversized Door Handle
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For the special events that require ADA Compliant portable restrooms we carry the grey Matterhorn. Rental rate $250.00.

The Matterhorn:
  • Grey Color
  • ADA Compliant
  • Dual Oversized Mirrors
  • 74 Gallon Holding Tank
  • Stainless Steel Handrails
  • Extended Bench allows for Easy Transfer from Wheelchair to Seat
  • Dual Coat Hooks
  • Three Rolls of Toilet Paper
  • Oversized Door Handle

Portable Restroom Trailers

The unique design of Ultra Lav gives them the mobility to go virtually anywhere. The units are completely self-contained and operable using a 110 volt outlet or generator for the lights and heat/air conditioner. Water is supplied by a spigot and garden hose or a 125 gallon, on-board fresh water holding tank. Perfect for small to mid-size events.
Rental options include daily, weekly, and long term rentals. 
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